Light the Torches w/ Blue Handles // Silk Flags (Set of 2)

Light the Torches w/ Blue Handles // Silk Flags (Set of 2)


Note: Redye is similar to the stock photo but not exactly the same as every redye is unique. This version will have a tad more white by the handle.

Note: White handles


During the first making of these flags. With no idea of how this dye was going to be look like, I heard God say to me, "Light the Torches"

Customized Silk Flags
These flags are made specifically to speak to the individual.
They are one of a kind and cannot be exactly duplicated again.

Light and Flowing
Experience Level: Beginner to Advanced

100% Silk 5mm

Rod: Flow Rods™ 80% Flexibility

Silk Flags (Set of 2): Approx 45" x 49"

Straight edge

Color may vary slightly from image shown depending on the deivice & monitor usedSmall imperfections or runs are part of the dyeing process & uniqueness of each dye


Music by Kathryn Marquis

  • When using the silk flags hold onto the handle & not the silk
  • Keep silk away from any type of moisture ie: windows, water bottles
  • Store your silks when done using them
  • Silk Flags with our Flow Rods™ can be folded into a loop for convenient handling & storage
  • We do not recommend washing your silks
  • Click HERE to watch how to fold your silk flags