Polymer Rods (Set of 2) - RTS

Polymer Rods (Set of 2) - RTS


Note: all Adult Single Layer flags now use Ultra Rods™. Ultra Rods™ can be used as replacements for Polymer Rods if so desired.

Our rod & handle are assembled in-house & specifically to our standards by manufacturers that only supply to Called To Flag exclusively.

Flexible up to 20%

Polymer Rods length: See list (easy to modify with wire snips if desired)
Note: Adult Size has reinforced rod to prevent breakage

Please Contact Us for repairs regarding Flags

  • Store your rods on a flat surface or vertically straight
  • Polymer Rods can be warped from improper storage and heat
  • Rods could break if bent past 20% flexibility (If 100% was folded into a complete circle, 0% would be a stiff wooden rod)