Prophetic Dye // Standard Silk Flags (Set of 2)

Prophetic Dye // Standard Silk Flags (Set of 2)


Prophetic Dye Silk

I seek God's heart for you while I create.

Please submit your prayer requests and bible verses. I cannot take specific designs or color placements, as this impedes the flow of my creativity for you.
The nature of a prophetic dye contains a creative component where I choose to partner with Holy Spirit and freely flow with Him.

Approx size 45" x 49" // Flow Rods™

Light and Flowing
Experience Level: Novice to Advanced

Material: 100% Organic Mulberry Silk 5mm highest quality in the industry

All sides, except the handle, are hemmed for maximum durabilty

Color may vary slightly from image shown depending on the deivice & monitor used

Small imperfections or runs are part of the dyeing process & uniqueness of each dye

  • In my style of dyeing silk, I love to see liquid flowing and color blending. If I want to blend the color with excellency, I need to slow down the color blend to set it correctly. It will require me to use multiple layers of silk while I create your set of flags. This results in two or three sets (4-6 extra layers) of similar flags with the finished product. If you are ordering a Prophetic Dye, you will be getting the top/original set.
  • These flags may be re-dyed in the future. You may see a similar version(s) of the original set available for sale online. Similar version(s) of the original set are available to reduce our cost so that we can offer this to you; each prophetic dye takes a lot of energy, effort, and resources. Please remember these do not come out the same way twice.
  • Placing this order comes with a personal prophetic word. The bible verse that inspired the creation of the flags might be announced on the website. The similar version(s) will not come with a personal prophetic word.