Dance Ribbons - RTS

Dance Ribbons - RTS


Type: Streamer Rod /Dance Ribbon
Ribbon Material: 100% polyester
Rod Material: Glass fiber (Not plastic)
Features: Easy to use, lightweight, majestic, soft

Colors available: Aqua, Green, Purple, Yellow, Red, Royal Blue, Rainbow

$6.50 each

Medium size is approx 13ft long x 2 inches wide (Note: Rainbow is 12ft long x 1.75 inches wide)

Glass fiber rod length: Approx 19.5 inches


$8.50 each

Large size is approx 19.6ft long x 2 inches wide

Glass fiber rod length: Approx 23 inches
Very resilient against breakage

Note: No large sizes for Rainbow yet

Note: These dance ribbons are not handmade by Called to Flag

  • Hold flag as lightly as possible
  • Use lots of wrist movements when waving
  • Ribbon will naturally tangle
  • Natural fraying will occur at ends due to high velocity waving. If/when this happens simply apply white glue to the end to slow down fraying. Better yet, use an anti-fray glue from a fabric store