Swing Flags // Messianic Hope (M) - RTS

Swing Flags // Messianic Hope (M) - RTS


Note: Redye is similar to the stock photo but not exactly the same as every redye is unique

New dye has less white in the center.


Large Custom Silk Swing Flags which are one of a kind dye & thoughtfully named. They cannot be exactly re-created

These flags are made specifically to speak to the individual


  • Experience Level: Medium to Advanced
  • Note that there are no rods in a swing flag but a chain instead
  • Fabric: 8mm Habotai silk
  • Habotai silk is a natural lightweight, soft, lustrous, supple and shimmering material
  • Flexibility is 100%
  • Great for traveling with as the swing flag will fold up into a small size
  • (Set of 2)
  • Curve cut 


Note: Because swing flags are used at such a high velocity they will be more susceptible to wear and tear compared to our flags with Rods.


Size examples:

Large: $165 Approx size is 47" x 44"

Medium: $155 Approx size is 43" x 39"


Music by Kathryn Marquis www.kathrynmarquis.com

Click HERE to watch a training video


Weighted flags (No rods used but a weighted chain instead)

Learning to use these flags will take practice, patience & time