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Swing Flags - Prophetically Dyed Silk


Prophetically Dyed Silk Swing Flags


Please note. I cannot take remake requests of my previous silks as this impedes my creativity for your prophetic dye. I do take prayer requests and would love to seek God's heart for you while I create. Thank you for your understanding ~ Claire


Please click HERE to watch a video on my creative process of my prophetic dyes.


Allow 3 to 4 weeks for completion plus delivery time.


Custom Silk Swing Flags which are one of a kind dye & thoughtfully named. They cannot be exactly re-created


These flags are made specifically to speak to the individual


  • Experience Level: Medium to Advanced
  • Note that there are no rods in a swing flag but a chain instead
  • Made as a set of 2 swing flags
  • Three sizes 1) Medium 2) Large 3) Extra Large
  • Fabric: 8mm Habotai silk. Habotai silk is a natural lightweight, soft, lustrous, supple and shimmering material
  • Flexibility is 100%
  • All edges are rolled/hemmed
  • Great for traveling with as the swing flag will fold up into a small size


Note: Because swing flags are used at such a high velocity they will be more susceptible to wear and tear compared to our flags with Rods.


Size examples:

Large: $165 Approx size is 44" x 47"

Medium: $155 Approx size is 39" x 43"
Small: $140 Approx size is 28" x 35"

Click HERE to watch a training video


Weighted flags (No rods used but a weighted chain instead)

Learning to use these flags will take practice, patience & time


  • Keep silk away from any type of moisture ie: windows, water bottles
  • Store your silks when done using them
  • We do not recommend washing your silks