David & Claire Shieh have been married since 2004. David  was a real estate agent & Claire was his assistant. Since 2015 they have been working together full time in Called to Flag Ltd.  They have two beautiful daughters and serve on the leadership team at their church.


Papa God wooed Claire into flagging in 2009 when her eldest daughter turned one. She felt led to make her first set of flags for her daughter for her 1st birthday. She used the extra fabric to make herself a flag, so she can flag with her daughter. Deep inside,  Claire felt that worship flagging was going to become something really important for her.  She used to be shy and very quiet but when she picks up a flag, she knows it's time to worship God freely. Banner flagging helps express what is inside of her heart to God. It helps her break herself free and to worship God with flags. Now she enjoys praising God with flags.  Her favorite saying is, “Some people can pray very loud and have lots to say but I have something so deep inside of me that words cannot express. So, I have to use my physical strength to let it out. And this is my offering to God and my way of prayer.” 

David started flagging in public in 2012 while he was on a missions trip to Port Hardy. He yearned to be free in praising God & was determined on this trip not to come home the same way he left. He has been wanting to flag in public ever since he started watching his wife flag in 2009 but he didn’t have the courage to. He did, however, start flagging at home by himself when no one was around & quickly found that he too had some kind of connection to flags. So, on this missions trip, during a worship night David felt the prompting of God telling him that now was the time to pick up the flags. God has prompted him before many times in past worship times at his home church but he had always shied away but this time the Holy Spirit empowered him & the rest is history. David has a desire to see the younger generation pick up their flags &  worship their King. 


Both David & Claire feel that God wants His people to worship Him in their own unique way. They feel that their strength in flagging is in free form. Claire is described as elegant & powerful whereas David is powerful & masculine in his style of flagging. They both want to set people free to worship their Father God in complete freedom & in their own style. They desire to inspire the next generation of worshipers. They purposely try to push their own limits in flagging to set the bar high so that the next generation can go even higher. Their flag of choice is made from fabric enclosing  a dowel. They find that they have more control over the flag & that they also feel like the flags are precision instruments in their hands.

They also post lots of FREE videos & demos on their Facebook page named Called to Flag – ( www.facebook.com/calledtoflag). As well, all of their videos can be found on YouTube. https://www.youtube.com/calledtoflag