"HE has redeemed my ancient inheritence" - Claire Shieh

History of the flag maker….


In 2011, Claire was prophesied over that God was going to revive to her her rich spiritual inheritance, which came through her blood line. At that time Claire was the first and only believer in her family. She asked God how can she, with such a weak family history, have any inheritance to do with kingdom inheritance?  A few months later, she attended a PIH (Partners In Harvest) West Coast Women's Retreat.  There were over 100 women in the conference, and she had donated a set of flags for a draw.  Before the number was drawn out, the Holy Spirit spoke to her, that she was going to win her donated flags back. She said to the Holy Spirit... ."NO! that will be embarrassing!" As the host announced the winning person... Claire won her own flags back!


Soon a prayer group in Claire's town heard about her donating and then winning back her own set of flags.  A leader in this group told David, her husband, there is a deeper meaning in this about Claire winning her own flags back, but the leader could not explain what it was.


A few weeks later, the Holy Spirit spoke to her and asked Claire to go and research her family name. At that time she only knew that her family name meant "give." She felt an urgency, though, to do what she had been asked to do. Soon the first message popped up about her family name. "Shih施" in ancient Chinese character was a graphic of "the tribe of the flag." They were a tribe known as "flag warriors."  


As she researched more, she found that 3600 years ago there was a Xia dynasty. When Xia perished, the royalty had to hide, escape and change their family name. That was the beginning of the family "Shih 施". Again, in one of China's first history books, there was a first mention about the family "施 ", and it translated "this family "施"  are royal flag makers."

Soon she found out that in the Xia dynasty, the royalty only worshiped One God. She realized that was the same God that she worshiped now.  God spoke to her about how he honored and still remembered the faithfulness of her ancestors and blood line to Him. He asked her if she wanted to take her flags back. In that moment she felt overwhelmed by God's love for her and her family. For the ten years before, she had felt little and small compared to David her husband who was a fourth generational believer, but that was gone! All the puzzle pieces fit together; why she had been attracted to and picked up flags with ease, why she loved the colors of the flags, why she prayed and flagged the way she did, what the prophesy had been talking about with her spiritual inheritance, and finally winning her flags back with the draw. This was her royal family and spiritual inheritance!


We, as humans, forget. We don't even know what exactly our grandparents did, BUT GOD remembers the faithfulness of our ancestors from 3600 years ago and He is faithful. 



If you ask Claire what it means to "take your flags back," she wouldn't know the full meaning of that but she knows it's her honor to worship the King.  

Now, Claire is one of the most prominent leaders of flagging culture. Leading generations to worship Papa God in abandon. Her flags can be seen in over 55+ countries around the world.


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