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Worship Flag Training

For individuals or groups

Discover more ways to encounter the Presence of God
Level up your flagging skills with 1-on-1 online personal training via live video.

We offer individualized training for people interested in learning about the technique and heart behind worship flagging. Regardless of what stage you’re in with your flag dance journey, we seek to unlock the strengths and skills that you already possess, by applying practical demonstration in a one-on-one setting.
We provide course material that unlocks the worship flagger inside of you.
There's no previous flagging experience required, but if you are familiar with flagging, we aim to enhance the skills you already possess.

Class Length: 45 minutes

Class Cost: $35USD (please inquire for international currency)
Class Sessions: email for availability (all times in PDT - please be aware of your time zone difference)

We offer community-based training that develops the heart of worship, to be able to impact your city/community.
Our heart to see people encounter God through dance mimics the nature of God's Love for each person. As we pursue the Heart of the Father and invite Holy Spirit's Presence to surround us, we see spiritual growth bringing forth the fruits of the spirit, which posture us for revival and an Open-Heaven-experience.
We share about the history and testimony of flagging that we have seen, and provide input for where you are at to see worship and Jesus-focused dance grow. Music by

Meet your trainer Christian Rademaker Click HERE

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