Thank you for joining us on this Equipping Page! We know you are excited to know and learn more about the What, Why, and How of worship flagging. We want you to know that our deepest desire for you is to see your heart draw closer to our Father. We can learn many flagging techniques, or know many things with our head BUT God is after our HEARTS! We believe a healed heart will heal hearts!!  We bless you to receive healing as you watch these videos and worship God, how He created you to be.

Flagging Technique

Our FLAGGING TECHNIQUES are made to equip the body of Christ in the technique of worship flagging. There are NO "super spiritual powers" in any of these moves or in our flags. The same power that raised Christ from the dead lives inside of...YOU & ME. The power is not in the movements you perform but in your right relationship with God. These videos are to help you to become more confident when flagging in public & in private. Have fun with your flags! Find your own unique style of worship flagging.

Flagging 101

Flagging 101 is basic understanding of why we worship with Flags.

Enjoy this series of  "Robbie and Charlie"
There are many silly things that we believe in "flagging world" because some one told us so, or Google told us, or even YouTube told us.  You might get challenged a little bit and that's OK.  Lets just laugh with it.  

Get Inspired with Called to Flag Worship

These videos are made to catch the moment with God in our worship and to inspire YOU!! 
In some videos we are simply worshiping God and in some videos our heart is to pray over you with our movement. 


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