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  • 1. Why should I purchase Called to Flag™ banners?
    CALLED TO FLAG™ is developing a sonship-culture of worshipping Father God with flags. Instead of asking you to donate to this ministry, we sell flags! The income made supports us to continue to spread the news of Father God. We believe He is looking for worshippers, not simply worship. We can proudly say that purchasing flags from Called to Flag™ is helping this ministry shape the culture of worship flaggers all around the world. ​ For people who currently cannot buy flags from us we really don’t mind you copying our flag style for personal use. Please do not use our videos to sell copy-cat versions of our designs, products, branding, flags and/or flag bags for your personal profit. We spend much time, research and investment into the designing of our flags, as we are continually improving and updating our products. ​ We use high-quality fabrics sourced from around the world. All our worship flags are double-rolled to provide a better look, feel, and superior protection. We sew the flags with a heavy-duty sewing machine. We do not serge as we find serging does not look or feel good and will impede flow when waving. Yes, double rolling takes much more time but we offer our brand of flags specifically made to look, protect & curve for the best outcome for our customers. If you want high quality flags then our flags will be your first and only choice.
  • 2. This is my first time - which flags should I purchase?
    We always recommend Liquid Metal Flags for our First-time customers. Liquid Metal Flags provide the best basic feel, with the lightest design and strongest structure of support to get you started into a beautiful flagging routine. The more you use them, the more comfortable you'll get with the flags. Once you've 'mastered' the basics, try exploring with different styles, fabrics, and sizes.
  • 3. About our Silk
    Silk is a very special material - while Haboutai is the industrial standard for silk fabric used in high-quality purchases, Mulberry supercedes the Haboutai quality according to its Momme standard. Raw silk fibres are sourced from cocoons made by silk worms - Mulberry is the plant that the silk worms eat and feed off, thus making their cocoons Mulberry silk. We use Mulberry silk to keep the standard of durability and luxury in our products so that you're buying the best on the market.
  • 4. Where can I see my orders that I've placed?
    Did you know sign-up as a member allows you to track all your orders that are made with your account? While all of our purchases are processed through Stripe and PayPal, using an email address, your account allows you to find all online purchases from Called to Flag stores. ​
  • 5. Why are your prices in USD if you're located in Canada?
    Our website will inform you of all payments required to purchase items in your order, before your payment method is selected. Our prices are listed in USD to cater to the 90%+ market of the international customers that we sell to.
  • 6. Why are your prices higher than other flag-makers?
    Simply stated, our flags are made better with the best materials. While we offer our continued quality of flags, after a year of avoiding increasing our prices we unfortunately have no choice but to accommodate the current market situation. The flags are still within reasonable price ranges, as our service and product quality has been tried and tested by years of people like you purchasing from Called to Flag. (THANK YOU) Customized flags require a lot of effort and time, and we see them as an invitation to relationship in partnering with our ministry and online community. If you are looking for casual flags, we have printed silks which are readily available at our usual high-quality standards... If you feel there are prices better-suited for your needs, please feel free to inquire about less-expensive non-silk flags.
  • 7. Do you pray over your flags?
    When we are making your flags, we are in an environment filled with worship. Worship often leads us to pray for you, the ultimate owner. We speak destiny into you, your forgotten/hidden promises in your life, as well as the flags. We are excited for what is going to happen for YOU! (Sometimes we may even weep over your flags - we still use tissue, don't worry.) Many of the flag owners can sense the prayer and the anointing on the flag when they touch or use them. This does not mean that there is "power" in the flags we make but they are made by anointed flag makers that pray over & anoint the flags. The power is in you! As a believer, the Holy Spirit lives in you.
  • 8. What kind of scented oils do you use for the flags?
    We use anointing oil from Kingly Anointing Oils to anoint your flags. If you are sensitive to scents, please let us know when you order and we will not use scented anointing oil. Some of the Pre-Made Flags are pre-scented; just ask if you're unsure. ​
  • 9. What do I need to do to place an order for a holiday event/birthday?
    During holiday seasons, we will most likely extend our normal waiting time from 14 working days + shipping time to 30 working days + shipping time. If you are planning to place an order as a holiday gift for someone special or for your church performance, please be aware of the extended wait time, and plan to order well in advance for your flags delivery. (I'm sure they'll appreciate it regardless, but nothing is better than the real gift in their hands. :) Please see Logistics Q&A for shipping estimation.
  • 10. How must I store my flags?
    For our regular-doweled flags; single, double or triple layer flags: 1) Roll up flags when you are done using them 2) Store flags on a flat surface if possible 3) Keep high heat & moisture away from flags (ie: fireplace or windows) 4) Do not leave your flags in a hot car or trunk with the Polymer Rods, as this could warp the rods inside 5) Flags with our Flow Rod™, Ultra Rod™, or Effortless Design Rod™ will be okay in a hot car but not suggested Please see our video on how to hold, fold and store your flags ​ Best storage practices for silk flags: 1) Fold your silks when done using them 2) For silk flags, hold onto handle/rod when using 3) Keep silks away from any type of moisture ie: windows, water bottles 4) Do not throw your silk flags, scarves, or swing flags into the washing machine Video on how to hold, fold, and store your silk flags Best storage practices for dance streamers: 1) Wrap your streamers when done using them 2) For streamers, hold onto rod handle when using 3) Keep silks away from any type of moisture ie: windows, water bottles 4) Do not throw your silk flags, scarves, or swing flags into the washing machine 5) Use a misting bottle to eliminate static cling prior to using your streamers Video on how to hold, fold, and store your BETA Streamers Care instructions can be found on the white tags of each individual set of flags. If you need to iron your flags, please follow instructions on tag,a nd use lots of steam, as we don't want you to accidentally burn the flags with too much heat. We recommend preventing any dirt/damage to the flags by not wearing long nails, make up, and flagging in clean locations.
  • 11. How do I Travel with my flags?
    There are many ways you can travel with our flags. If they fit, we store them as carry-on luggage depending on which flags you bring. We typically check-in our flags using our Called To Flag duffel bag. If we have a lot of flags, 50 pairs or so, we use our hockey bag & check them in as over-sized sports equipment. There is typically no extra charge involved in this but make sure you double-check with the airline that you are using. If you want to carry a few of your flags onto a plane you would treat them the same as you would a baby seat, stroller or umbrella. This means we leave them with the flight attendant before boarding onto the plane. They will typically wrap your flags up in a plastic bag. When you leave the plane you will pick them up when exiting the plane the same as if you would be picking up your stroller or baby seat. As a precaution please phone ahead to your airline as each company has their own rules on what is considered a carry on item or not.
  • 12. Which flags are the easiest to travel with in a plane?
    Here is a list from the easiest to the hardest sets to travel with 1. A scarf is by far the easiest to travel with as they do not have a rod & will fit into your coat pocket if need be. 2. Swing flags are super easy to travel with as they do not have a rod but a weighted chain instead. They will fit into your carry on or even a purse! 3. Silk flags with our Flow Rod™ & Ultra Rod™ can easily bend into your full sized suitcase 4. Liquid Metal, Electric Fire, Sheer OZ with our Ultra Rod™ will easily bend into a full sized suitcase or backpack (Any flag with our Flow Rod or Ultra Rod will bend up to 50%) 5. Single layer, Double Layer & Triple Layer flags with our Polymer Rod (Will not fit into a suitcase). But with our new Ultra Rod™ should fit into a full sized suitcase. If in doubt, best to treat your flags as check-in luggage.
  • 13. How can I look as good as Claire when she dances in the videos?
    We find that practicing is the best way to become a better flagger. As you practice and worship more, you will discover that you will become more confident as a flagger. All our "How to's", "Demos", and "Training" can be found on our Equipping Videos tab on our website. We add the videos as we make them. A huge part of worshiping with spirit-filled believers is... knowing other spirit-filled believers. You can find a lot of our Called to Flag friends on our Facebook Page. We also have our new Called to Flag Forum, where you can connect and share with people around the world. Get to know people around you, and stay updated on what's happening in our life! Our flag sales help us to produce FREE videos for equipping the body in technique & teachings on worshiping with flags. Called to Flag Ltd is the vehicle that funds the ministry. We do not ask for donations from you so please honor us this way.
  • 14. Where do you get your rods from?
    Please honor us by not contacting us about where to get our Polymer Rods, Ultra Rod™, Flow Rod™ or Effortless Design Rod™ " (what it is made out of, the manufacturer info, etc.) Our rods are made out of polymer, we've spent countless hours experimenting with over 30 different type of rods to get the one that works best for our flags. Our Flow Rod™/Ultra Rod™ are not made out of quill. They are not "quill" either.
  • Disclaimer
    Please review our website for how to properly treat and care for the flags. All our "How to's", "Demos" and "Training" can be found HERE. We post many training videos to help you use the flags properly. Please note that once the flags are received into someones care we are not responsible for any damage to the flags. We are not responsible for any damage to an individual, animal or property as a result of using our services/products. If you feel any discomfort when attempting moves that we demonstrate, please discontinue exercise immediately. Seek health care professional if you have any cause to need to, either before, during, or after exercise with our products.
  • From My Heart
    I really feel it's my honour make worship flags for you. Thank you so much for all the testimonies in your ministries. It touches my heart so much and I can't stop giving thanks to God for where He has placed me in helping your ministries to grow freely in worship.
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