Ultra Rods™  (Set of 2) - RTS

Ultra Rods™ (Set of 2) - RTS


All our Ultra Rods™ come WITH POLYMER HANDLE and end cap. Our rod & handle are assembled in-house & specifically to our standards by manufacturers that only supply to Called To Flag exclusively. Starting from $12.50 a set.


Ultra Rods™ (Effortless Design) - Ultra Light Thickness: Approximately 45"
All of our 5mm Effortless Design Silk Flags come with Effortless Design Ultra Rods™ - Ultra Light Thickness, unless otherwise stated. Suitable for thinner gauge fabric of 5mm Silk. (Not suggested for any thicker silks than 5 momme as it will impede proper flow characteristics of the flag)

Ultra Rods™ (Effortless Design) - Light Thickness: Approximately 45"
Suitable for heavier gauge fabric of 8mm Silk.

Ultra Rods™ - Regular Thickness: Approximately 37"
All of our Liquid Metal, Sheer OZ, Electric Fire, Crystal Glow, and Double Layer Flags come with Ultra Rods™ - Regular Thickness, unless otherwise stated. Suitable for thinner gauge fabric of Single Layer Flags.

Ultra Rods™ - Bold: Approximately 36"
All of our Liquid Fire, and Triple Layer Flags come with Ultra Rods™ - Bold Thickness, unless otherwise stated. Suitable for moderate guage fabric of Single Layer Flags or Multi-Layer Flags
Ultra Rods™ - Extra Bold: Approximately 37"
Suitable for heavier guage fabric of Single Layer Flags or Multi-Layer Flags


Note: Please choose wisely as we do not offer return shipping on rods. Any questions? Please contact us. 


Very resilient against breakage, snapping, or warping
Flexible up to 50% (Will fit into a standard sized suitcase)
Ultra Rods™ length: See List (Easy to modify with wire snips if desired)

Handle: Approximately 6"

Please Contact Us for repairs on Flags

  • Great for Flow in Silk material up to 5 momme (See our products for more info)
  • Not recommend for Man-Made Materials (Nylon/Polyester, etc.)
  • Can be used to replace broken rods in our Silk Flags (Sewing experience required)
  • These rods are perfect to fit inside a carry-on suitcase or larger purses. Great for travel. You should be able to hold both ends with one hand.
  • Do not bend further than 80% flexibility, as photo describes (If 100% was folded into a complete circle, 0% would be a stiff wooden rod)