Solid Color (Scarf, Sets & Singles)


Extremely Light and Flowing
Experience Level: Beginner to Advanced
Silk: 100% 5mm 

Rod(s): Flow Rod™ 80% Flexibility

All sides, except the handle, are hemmed for maximum durabilty


3 Choices:

i. Single Silk Scarf $55/$60 Approx Size: 45” x 100”

ii. (Set of 2) Silk Flags with Flow Rods™ $100/$110 Approx size: 45”X 49”


iii. Single Long Silk Flag with Effortless Design Rod™ $100/$110 Approx size: 45”X 98”
Straight Cut - (please specify if flame cut desired)

Additional Option: Medium Long (Set of 2) - White only 45"x 80"
Find more Medium Long Flags on our Custom Silk Flags tab

Additional Option: Large (Set of 2) - White only 49"x 53"

Find more Large Flags on our Custom Silk Flags tab

Color may vary slightly from image shown


Video is of a single long white silk flag and a single long aqua silk flag

Color Selection
Flag Choice
  • When using the silk flags hold onto the handle & not the silk
  • Keep silk away from any type of moisture ie: windows, water bottles
  • Store your silks when done using them
  • Silk Flags with our Flow Rods™ can be folded into a loop for convenient handling & storage
  • Click HERE to watch how to fold your silk flags