SWING Flags // Light the Torches (Medium)

SWING Flags // Light the Torches (Medium)


Note: Redye is similar to the stock photo but not exactly the same as every redye is unique


Custom Silk Swing Flags which are one of a kind dye & thoughtfully named. They cannot be exactly re-created

These flags are made specifically to speak to the individual


  • Experience Level: Medium to Advanced
  • Fabric: 8mm Habotai silk
  • Habotai silk is a natural lightweight, soft, lustrous, supple and shimmering material
  • Flexibility is 100%
  • Great for traveling with as the swing flag will fold up into a small size
  • (Set of 2)


Note: Because swing flags are used at such a high velocity they will be more susceptible to wear and tear compared to our flags with Rods.

Size examples:

Large: $135 Approx size is 44" x 47"

Medium: $125 Approx size is 39" x 43"
Small: $110 Approx size is 28" x 35"


Music by KathrynMarquis.com

Click HERE to watch a training video


Weighted flags (No rods used but a weighted chain instead)

Learning to use these flags will take practice, patience & time