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Thank you so very much for your invitation to minister at your church or event. We are honoured and it is a privilege for us to serve you and the Lord in this way.


Below is a list of provisions to consider and agree to before the invitation is finalized:


1. We do not charge a set fee for ministry, as we don’t wish finances to be a limitation for anyone. We do ask that an honorarium be paid, our travel expenses (auto mileage at $0.50/km, preferred airline fare at cost) be covered (in a separate cheque/PayPal, prior to the event if possible), that meals and (if necessary) accommodations be provided.

2. In terms of the honorarium amount, we leave that to your discretion, based on your ministry's ability. Feel free to additionally give your people an opportunity to give an offering, also at your discretion. We simply ask that you consider the amount of ministry we're doing at your event, bearing in mind this is our full-time profession.

3. Accommodation can be a hotel room; which is preferred. It may also be a private room in someone's home. As long as we are behind a door that closes and in an actual bed and have access to a shower.... life is good. Please, no couches, sofa-beds, or inflatable mattresses as may do damage to our backs.

4. We require the option to be able to bring at least one other person with us, as a travel companion and personal assistant, whose travel, meals and accommodation must also be covered. We can room together, as space permits.

5. We/I can lead the event by ourselves/myself. In the event that we agree on a bigger team, their mileage must be covered at a rate of $0.50/km, and where necessary, accommodations and meals provided for them. Before the event, we will provide you with names and exact mileage amounts based on the above rate, so cheques/PayPal can be prepared in advance of the event.

6. No later than 2 weeks prior to the event I require detailed information on facilities, sound equipment, projection for power point (if required) on site.

7. When you are planning your event, kindly schedule us for either afternoon + evening sessions, or morning + afternoon sessions. Because of the intense level of output we give, and the potential for late nights, we regret that we cannot do evening meetings back to back with morning meetings.

8. We are comfortable being scheduled in any combination, to lead the event, teach, and/or do prayer ministry, but ask that in a situation where we are teaching, that any post-session prayer ministry be left at our discretion based on how we sense the Holy Spirit is leading.


Thank you again for your invitation and prayerful consideration of the above. Each of the provisions has been arrived at based on much prayer, wisdom and experience, in order that the worship dynamic be the best it can be for your people. We look forward to working with you for all that Father wants to do! 


Many Blessings,

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